Hey guys! *waves*

Did you notice my NEW DESIGN?!! I'm kinda in love with it. I mean, I might not keep it, because it's fancy and scary and also no headers. But still. <3

I'm sorry. I have been inexcusably absent. However, I was busy; I had 2 weeks worth of visitors and Gilmore Girls and a birthday. (mine! :))

So I've not posted for a while and I'm sorry.

I just want to talk about Spring now. I think it deserves capitalization. I've been outside for, oh, two hours now? Just reading and doing homework and reading blog posts. It's so nice out here. Well, it was until the sun stopped shining.

This weather makes me want to bike up to the little park/mallish area near my house and get gelato. It makes me want to lie in the sun and breathe deeply. It makes me want to run around in the woods playing Capture the Flag.

It makes me want to grow a flower. It makes me want to grow a dream. It makes me want to write, but also to read, but also to do nothing at all.

It makes me want to sit in the cloth chair swing hanging from our big ol' pine tree and cuddle my dog and think.

It makes me want to climb a tree, even though I've never had that skill.

What do you think about spring?

//note: I just realized that this was my hundredth post. how appropriate that my fiftieth was about Christmas and my hundredth about Spring.//


  1. Ok, can i just say that i freaking ADORE your blog's new look; it's so nice! And, I love Spring. It isn't my favorite season, but it definitely is fun!
    (Congrats on 100 posts! And that is a neat little fun-fact thing!)

    1. Thank you so much! What is your favorite season, then?


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