Trains and Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all! 

Right now I am speeding along at who knows how many miles per hour in the window seat of a train. It's a late Wednesday afternoon and across the aisle to my left I can just see a pinkish sunset behind old-fashioned German buildings. My tennis shoes are up on my seat and an announcement just started.

Well, what shall I post for you? I have two lined up, but one is a poem written on a piece of notebook paper on my bedroom floor, way back where I came from, and I feel too sleepy and content to write the other one (how to fix the government in the Wizarding World.)

Shall I do something Thanksgiving-y, then? Okay, let's have story time with Ilse. This is why Thanksgiving is the fourth Thursday of November. 

You all know about the first Thanksgiving, I suppose? Well, not really the first. People have always been grateful. But the first time in what is now the United States of America, settlers set aside a few specific days to give thanks. As I said, you know the story; after their first good harvest, the Pilgrims and the Native Americans celebrated with festive feasting. 

In the following years, the Pilgrims and the rest of the settlers continued to give thanks after the harvest. As far as I can tell from my Google search/extensive research, this day gradually faded into November. When Puritans came along, they probably decided that Thanksgiving should be on a Thursday, to keep sufficient distance from the Sabbath and also possibly because they had sermons on Thursdays. Lincoln was the one who finally made Thanksgiving "official," setting it as the last Thursday in November. However, people complained that on years with five-Thursday months, the span of time between Thanksgiving and Christmas wasn't enough to get all the Christmas stuff done. So, the law was later changed to the fourth Thursday. 

So, there you have it! A lazy-day post about why we celebrate when we do. Any more thoughts/info about Thanksgiving? Also, what are you grateful for? I am so grateful for my family, Terry Pratchett novels, fresh notebooks, inky pens, and my incredibly blessed life. And, of course, 
(what a fabulous *cough cough* NOT *cough cough* piece of art! 😄)


  1. Happy late thanksgiving! The only thought I could think to add is the whole make-it-a-week-earlier-law didn't really work, as it's still largely passed over in preparation for Christmas. Nonetheless, I love me my thanksgiving, and I'm glad you do too.


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