8 Reasons to Be Excited for Ocean's 8

Dear Imaginers. Dear, dear Imaginers. I have revealed many things about myself to you. You know I like churros (that is if you were there for Post #1 which I actually hope no one was because man my original posts = awfulness). You know I got to see Les Mis. You know I have a dog.

What you may not know about is my deep and abiding love for the Ocean's 11 trilogy.

I know, I know, I am fully aware of its many faults. But can I help it?

Possibly. But I won't, and so I am DYING OF EXCITEDNESS for an all-female spinoff coming out this June! Ack! Yes!

(Grammarly has just informed me that "excitedness" is not a word. Whatever, Grammarly. Your emails all go straight to Spam anyway.)

Ocean's 8 promises to be marvelous. Don't believe me? Here's the trailer:

I just watched it for the fourth time. So. Excited.

Need more? Here's eight reasons to be excited.

1. The Cast!

Sandra Bullock. Anne Hathaway. Helena Bonham Carter. James Corden. Need I say more?

2. It's an Ocean's Movie...

This is the series that consecutively made three brilliant movies. Sure, Number 3 was nowhere near as good as Number 1, but it was pretty darn good nonetheless. Number 4 promises to be just as good, or better.

3. ...And Is Acting Like One.

The film style/cinematography/whatever you call it in the beginning is CLASSIC Ocean's. Will other elements remain from Ocean's 11, 12, and 13? That remains to be seen.

4. Come On.

Did you see that trailer? It's amazing. Admit it's amazing.

Also they used the song "These Boots Are Made for Walking"! 

5. Female! Cast!

I don't get why it's described as an "all-female cast"... when clearly there are men playing key roles. But all the people doing the job are ladies, which is really really good. The fact is, most action movies do not have enough female representation. What are there, maybe four somewhat important women in the original Ocean's movies? I think it's OK if a movie doesn't include many women, but it's not OK if so many of them do. I hope Ocean's 8 helps break that cycle!

6. Cameos!

Saul and Linus are returning, which brings me great joy. Sure, neither are my very favorites, but they're still awesome! (Although I would've voted Basher because come on. It's Basher.)
Anyway, they made a whole movie about how important Saul is to the gang. It's called Ocean's 13. You should watch it.

7. Humorous Humor

If the trailer is any indication, it's going to be really funny. A housewife who leaves her kids at home to commit large-scale theft? A girl who goes by Eightball but gives out the false name Nineball? I'm excited.

8. Anne Hathaway's Got Tricks Up Her Sleeve

That character is highly suspicious. What's she going to do? What's she hiding? I bet she's going to do something unexpected.

Are you excited now? What do you think? Tell me in the comments and I will reply with which Ocean's 11, 12, or 13 character you sound like based solely on that comment!


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